High School Educators Accounting Symposium

Every fall, the WICPA holds the High School Educators Accounting Symposium. This professional development opportunity is filled with idea sharing and networking with accounting and business high school educators from around the state, as well as CPAs and other accounting and business professionals. Each year speakers provide teachers with information they can take back to their class to supplement their curriculum.

All Symposium attendees are eligible to apply for a Career Awareness Grant from the WICPA Educational Foundation.

Save the Date for the 2017 Symposium!

Friday, Nov. 10, 2017
Sheraton Madison Hotel

Check out these videos to hear previous attendee testimonials, learn about accounting in the manufacturing industry and get some tips and tricks for teaching accounting.


Testimonials from teachers and CPAs who have attended the High School Educators Symposium.


Tony Cords, CPA, formerly with Spectrum Brands, talks about accounting in the manufacturing industry.


College educators provide tips and tricks for teaching accounting.



The following are handouts and curriculum ideas shared by CPAs and teachers at past symposiums:

view a copy of the 2016 brochure

view a copy of the 2015 brochure

View a copy of the 2014 brochure


2013 symposium handouts

Accounting technology trends
Blending accounting curriculum with school store operations
$2,500 can be yours - Gardiner
$2,500 can be yours - Burling & Kiefer
Accounting from one of the most trusted department store brands

2012 symposium handouts

Budgeting case study - Wisconsin Dells attractions (PowerPoint)
Budgeting case study - Wisconsin Dells

2011 symposium handouts

How to market your accounting class, by Sue Reukauf
The following are documents from the case study of a publicly traded company, presented by Brett Killion and Rick Gaumer, CPA

Oral presentation tips

Informative oral rubric

Tootsie Roll oral rubric

Sample audit presentation 

2010 symposium handouts

Accounting software & technology agenda
Accounting software & technology questions
Accounting software & technology graduate feedback
College accounting case study questions
College accounting case study article
Fraud case study by Sheri Knope
Evansville school district financial report

2009 symposium curriculum ideas

Acronym REID to close accounts
Business analysis
Enron Smartest Guys worksheet
Accounting Antics and more
Pay it forward
The Flyswatter game
Fraud case study by Sheri Knope, CPA

Speaker presentations

Sherry Watson, CPA, vice president, M & I Wealth Management
Wayne Breitbarth, CPA, president, M & M Office Interiors and social media trainer

2008 symposium curriculum ideas

CPA speakers in your class
Debits and Credits
Honors Research Project
Million dollar presentation
Web sites

2007 symposium curriculum ideas

Accounting bingo - McAdams
Current events in accounting – McAdams
M&M adjustments – McNallie
Colored water techniques for closing entries – Miller
Rules of debt and credit – Winkel
Accounting Web sites – Perry
College accounting programs activity – Wills
Baseball game – Van Rens
Accounting internet project – Madsen
Accounting article summary sheet – Madsen
Horizontal analysis – Baumgartner
Worksheet adjustments – Baumgartner
Accounts review – Feucht
Accounts review sorted blank – Feucht
Reality accounting project 1 – Feucht
Reality accounting project 2 – Feucht
Review game rubric – Feucht
Writing business letters and newsletters - Feucht