Ethics Committee

Meeting Policy


Meetings of the Ethics Committee shall be closed. The current board representative, WICPA president and CEO shall be permitted to attend Ethics Committee meetings. Others may attend at the request of the committee or its chairperson.


Committee Chair

Barry Sattell


Email Barry Sattell


Contact Barry Sattell (Chair) regarding member and ethics complaints or questions.

CommitTee Email

You can contact the Ethics Committee members using the email addresses in the roster. If you have an incorrect WICPA email address, contact Jessica Murphy to update our database with the latest information.


Continue the effective regulation and enforcement of the Code of Professional Conduct. Expand the scope and become involved in any changes proposed in the Code by the AICPA or related statutory regulatory changes enacted or promulgated by government bodies. Inform member of changes in the Code.

Committee Roster

Wayne Ehlert, CPA
Carrie A. Gindt, CPA, Carrie
Tammy J. Hofstede
John A. Knepel, CPA
Barbara A. Pippenger, CPA
Barry S. Sattell, CPA, PFS
Terry T. Strittmater, CPA
Dennis F. Tomorsky, CPA, J.D., CGMA