Public Policy Committee


The committee generally meets three times a year in January, May and September.


Committee chair

Angela Thomas



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Upcoming meeting:

October 17, 2017

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You can contact Public Policy Committee members using the email address next to their names in the committee roster. If you have an incorrect email address with the WICPA, please contact Jessica Murphy to update our database with the latest information.



The WICPA Public Policy Committee is vigilant in monitoring public policy issues that impact the profession and in recommending and implementing appropriate actions and responses. The committee efficiently represents the CPA profession to our state’s elected representatives.

Committee Roster

Test E. Affiliate Jr., Test
William R. Ahlstrom, CPA
Thomas J. Alberte, CPA, BS, MBA, MST
Stanley M. Babicz, CPA
Kyle J. Beld, CPA
Robert J. Cottingham, CPA
Test CPA Retired
Gerald E. Denor, CPA, CGMA
Jeff Dewane, CPA, MBA, CMA, CGMA
Paul M. Fischer, CPA
Michael E. Friedman, CPA, JD
Karin M. Gale, CPA
Jessica B. Gatzke, CPA, MST
Emma Grall, CPA, MST
Jean M. Hansen, CPA, MBA, CGMA
Ryan J. Hanson, CPA, CGMA
Theodore E. Hart, CPA
Tammy J. Hofstede
Thomas W. Kosler, CPA
Jeffrey W. Kowieski, CPA
Nicholas S. Lascari, CPA, CEA, CGMA
Ryan Maniscalco, CPA
Edwin A. Miller, CPA
Shannon L. Morris, C.B
Jessica Murphy
Tricia Nielsen, CPA
Steven A. Pullara, CPA, CGMA
John R. Reinhart, CPA, MBA
Michael I. Ruby, CPA, CGMA
Gregory L. Ryan, CPA
Matthew J. Schaefer, CPA, CGMA
Thomas H. Schmitt, CPA
Leniwati M. Siker, CPA
Frederick J. Sitzberger, CPA, CVA
Angela C. Thomas, CPA
Dennis F. Tomorsky, CPA, J.D., CGMA
Jane M. Weiss, CPA, Ph.D.
Randall J. Wichinski, CPA, MBA