Peer Review

Peer Review is a review of a firm’s quality control system in accounting and/or auditing to maintain and improve the quality of the accounting and/or auditing services performed by firms. It is a statutory requirement for all Wisconsin CPA firms that provide attest services (audit, review or compilation), as well as a membership requirement for both AICPA and the WICPA. The Peer Review period spans one year and must be mutually agreed upon by the reviewer and the reviewed firm. The review period should remain the same from review to review.

Peer Review Administration

Jessica Murphy

Telephone: 262-785-0445 ext. 4502

Fax: 262-785-0838

E-mail: Jessica Murphy

Report Acceptance Body Committee

The RAB consists of members of the Peer Review Committee who are separated into three different groups to review the peer reviews submitted to the WICPA/AICPA Peer Review Program. The RAB Committees make decisions regarding approvals or follow-ups on each review presented to them. Each committee meets on a monthly basis. Firms who wish to have their reviews presented by a certain date should have all their review documentation submitted to the WICPA 6 to 8 weeks prior to the designated date.

Engagement Peer Review RABs take place on the second Tuesday of each month.

System Peer Review RABs take place on the third Tuesday and Thursday of each month. 

Peer REVIEW media

Becoming a Reviewer Video

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Media Clip Description: Importance of peer reviewers and the quality of the profession.

Program administration - REPORTs

2016 AICPA Administrative Entity Oversight Report - coming soon

Information for Firms

Here is where firms enrolled in the Peer Review Program can find information regarding changes to the Peer Review Program. Firms may also access forms to enroll in the program, notify the WICPA/AICPA of changes in the firm structure, and complete forms to in the designated year in which the review is due.

Information for Reviewers

All reviewers may access information that will assist as resources for performing peer reviews, such as team captain packages, information on standard changes, and external links for additional resources.

Peer Review News

Peer Review Forms

PEER Review Committee

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