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Stop scaring away your future leaders
Developing the next generation of leaders is a critical priority for the accounting profession. But these eight common mistakes can quickly sour future leaders on your firm -- and perhaps on the profession as a whole.
Key questions entry-level job applicants should ask
Applicants for entry-level jobs should ask three key questions at the end of interviews with hiring managers to show they are ready to get started.
What's next for health care reform?
Although legislative attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act have been unsuccessful, the long-term state of health care remains highly uncertain in the U.S. In this podcast, learn how practitioners can stay abreast of the state of health care...
Small details can affect chances of landing a job
Subtle things such as the quality of a handshake and the tenor of preinterview chitchat can mean the difference between a good or bad impression on a hiring manager.
House bill features many business tax changes
The House tax-reform bill contains a large number of proposed changes that would affect businesses. These include a lower corporate tax rate, temporary full expensing of acquisitions of depreciable assets and changes to rules on net operating losses.
6 factors to choose the right basis of accounting for your not-for-profit
Your stakeholders rely on your financial statements, so selecting the right basis of accounting is key. With several options to choose from, where do you begin? The decision can be made easier if you consider these six factors.
Tax overhaul faces major hurdles
A House committe e began considering a bill Monday that would reduce taxes by $1.4 trillion over 10 years, but disagreements over key pieces of the measure could force the GOP to make changes and slow down plans to pass it by year’s end.
10 million U.S. taxpayers faced IRS penalties in 2016
The Internal Revenue Service says that about 10 million taxpayers were hit with a penalty in 2016, and is offering tips to reduce or eliminate penalties in 2017 and future years.
Best business books 2017
Explore the year's best business book in seven categories.
Financial Reporting Executive Committee offers more revenue recognition working drafts
FinREC is seeking public comment on working drafts that provide industry-specific guidance for entities implementing FASB's new revenue recognition standard. Comments are due by Jan. 2, 2018.

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