Benefits of WICPA Membership

STAND OUT with the help of the WICPA

Need to keep pace with the latest changes in the constantly evolving world of accounting? Want to work with the best of the best? How about enjoy exclusive savings on a wide range of programs and services? The WICPA is the ultimate resource for today's accounting professional. The WICPA provides you with the unique advantages necessary to soar to the new heights throughout your career — from college to the corner office.


As a WICPA member, you let employers, clients, peers and the community at large know you're committed to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.


With our array of in-person or online continuing education options, you can gain the knowledge and expertise needed to create limitless career opportunities.


From cutting-edge information to discounts on the solutions and services that keep your career moving forward, the WICPA sets a powerful standard for personal value.


Gain exclusive access to nearly 8,000 colleagues and peers who can provide the guidance, support and experience to make the most of your career.


STAND TALL knowing you're a member of the premier organization for your profession in Wisconsin.

WICPA membership speaks volumes about your dedication to your profession. As a member, you let others know you're part of an elite group of accounting professionals. You are among the best of the best.

Be Recognized

By proudly displaying the WICPA logo on letterhead, ads and websites, one look tells potential employers, clients and colleagues that you're serious about your profession. It says you put in the time and effort needed to be a leader in the accounting field.

Showcase Your Talents

As a WICPA member, you can also take center stage before nearly 8,000 of your peers. Earn the respect of your peers and the community at large by sharing your knowledge as well as your successes. Contribute information and articles to our member magazine, On Balance, and student newsletter, CPA2b. Present at seminars, conferences and breakfast meetings. Participation enhances your reputation and establishes vital career contacts with all the right people. At the same time, you're able to help advance the understanding of others in your professions.

Increase Your Visibility

Another benefit of your membership in the WICPA is a free listing in the Find a CPA member directory. One of our most widely used public resources, this online directory connects you to individuals looking for your specific areas of service and expertise.


STEADILY ADVANCE your professional knowledge as well as your career opportunities.

Keeping pace with continually changing accounting standards can be a daunting task. But the WICPA is uniquely equipped to help. No matter what you industry or your area of expertise, the WICPA has the continuing education and leadership development tools to keep you on the cutting edge of your craft.

Published Updates

Through our bimonthly magazine, monthly e-newsletter, biannual CPE publication and online webcasts, WICPA members gain invaluable insights into the trends and changes that continue to reshape the industry.

Seminars, Conferences & Breakfast Meetings

Learn first-hand how the latest industry developments impact your role as an accounting professional. Multiple offerings on specialized topics featuring highly rated presenters enable you to focus your educational efforts where they will benefit you the most. Plus, members receive discounted pricing.

Online & On-Demand CPE

Our wide variety of CPE solutions help you stay current on the requirements and guidelines affecting your business. In addition, acquire vital knowledge, tips and best practices essential to advancing your career.


GAIN ACCESS to unique savings of up to 40% on business-critical products and services.

Our exclusive, ongoing education resources and career development opportunities provide powerful incentives for WICPA membership. But we don't stop there, because we understand just how much accounting professionals appreciate bottom-line value. That's why we've used our strengths to negotiate serious savings for our members on the programs and services they use routinely.

  • CPA Exam Review Courses
  • Tax & Accounting Books & Software
  • Personal, Business & Group Disability Insurance
  • Payroll Services
  • Banking & Payment Acceptance Services
  • IT Services
  • Shipping Services
  • HR Services
  • Business Coaching Services
  • Secure Data Transfer Services
  • Retirement Planning & Investment Services


LEVERAGE CONNECTIONS to further your development and career.

When you take your place as a WICPA member, you're part of a support network of nearly 8,000 accounting professionals. Speak with fellow members and the one thing you consistently hear is how valuable this network is for advice, information, perspective and career advancement opportunities.

Strength In Numbers

With nearly 8,000 of the best-and-brightest accounting minds in the business on your side, you never have to go it alone. From rising stars to seasoned veterans, you gain the expertise, support and guidance to help you get the answers and the help you need.

Your Go-To Resource

Networking through the WICPA has its advantages. It can lead to new job opportunities for you or help you uncover talented professionals when it's time to staff up.

A Powerful Voice

Make sure your voice is heard. The WICPA has a proven track record of monitoring and protecting public policy issues that impact the CPA profession and helping to ensure a healthy business climate by working with government regulatory agencies and other organizations. Think of it as a way to proactively shape the future of the profession … and your continued success.