How to Hire Honest People (1604684)


Date:Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Time:10:00am - 4:16 pm (Registration at 10:00am)
Credit:6.0 CPE Credit(s)
Course Level:Beginning
Registration:$179 WICPA Members, $189 Nonmembers

CPAs look for two things when hiring or promoting people: knowledge and skill. Based on job descriptions across the country, however, CPAs rarely consider the *character* of job candidates. Yet character is the key to extraordinary business success. This unique webcast presents ten crucial qualities of high-character employees. These qualities enhance employee satisfaction, client relationships, and the bottom line. You'll hear stories from people across the U.S. and beyond who reveal how honesty, courage, loyalty, and patience have helped their businesses maintain an edge over the competition. Whether you're looking to bring new people on board or are seeking to enhance the relationships with clients yourself, How to Hire Honest People webcast will help you appreciate in practical terms why character is the missing link to excellence and how you can boost your business by putting character front and center in all that you do.