Accounting Careers Committee


The committee meets between one and three times per year, usually at the WICPA offices.

Committee chair

Chris Cholka, CPA

Phone: 262-253-7700
Email Chris

Staff liaison

Mary Murray


Meeting minutes

Upcoming meeting: TBD  

Archived meeting minutes:

July 21, 2015

January 23, 2015
August 18, 2014


CommitTee Email

You can contact the Accounting Careers Committee members using the email addresses in the roster. If you have an incorrect WICPA email address, contact Jessica Murphy to update our database with the latest information.



Become a CPA

The goal of the Accounting Careers Committee is to promote, educate and excite students about the CPA’s changing role and unlimited career opportunities. The committee collaborates with WICPA staff on programs to promote accounting career awareness.

Committee Roster

Joshua Baumann, CPA
Bryce Becker, CPA
Mark Bichler
Christopher M. Cholka, CPA
Dorothy Conduah, CPA, CGMA, MBA
Robert V. Du Charme, CPA, PFS
Jon C. Gaines, CPA, CGMA, MBA
Michelle Goetsch, CPA
Diana L. Henke, CPA
Tammy J. Hofstede
Renee M. Johnson, CPA
Neil R. Keller, CPA, ABV, CVA
Amy L. Kowalchuk, CPA
Tori M. Morrow, CPA, CGMA
Sydney N. Nelson, MPA
Ben W. Pechan, CPA
Todd B. Rakowski, CPA
Arlene A. Roche, CPA
Kelly M. Sics, CPA, CGMA
Scott M. Syrjala, CPA
Dennis F. Tomorsky, CPA, J.D., CGMA
Jane M. Weiss, CPA, Ph.D.
Adam J. Woznicki, CPA
Boula Xiong