Wisconsin Taxation Committee


The committee generally meets three times a year (May, September and January) at the WICPA.


Committee Chair

Michael Gordon



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Upcoming meeting:

September 27, 2017


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committee email

You can contact the Wisconsin Taxation Committee members by using the roster. If you have an incorrect email address with the WICPA, please contact Jessica Murphy to update our database with the latest information.

Continue dialogue with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Discuss new developments in Wisconsin taxation matters and keep WICPA members informed on new developments in tax practice procedures.

Committee Roster

Michael A. Bark, CPA, CVA, MST
Nick N. Boegel, CPA, JD nboegel@bdo.com
Gregory G. Butler, CPA, MST gbutler@wipfli.com
Craig A. Cookle, CPA ccookle@wipfli.com
Tiffany M. Davister, CPA tiffany.davister@ey.com
Jack E. De Young, CPA jackdeyoung@charter.net
Barbara A. DeBaere-Poppy, CPA barb@poppycpa.com
Sarah L. Evans, CPA sarah.evans@schencksc.com
Steven C. Feurer, CPA SteveFeurer@Sattell.com
W. Richard Gerhard, CPA dickgerhard@aol.com
Michael J. Gordon, CPA michagordon@deloitte.com
Emma Grall, CPA, MST emma.grall@kohls.com
John C. Healy, CPA, CGMA jhealy@uwm.edu
Tammy J. Hofstede tammy@wicpa.org
Laura A. James, CPA, JD laura.james@kcc.com
Jennifer E. Janecek, CPA JenniferJanecek@alliantenergy.com
Henry A. Jasper, CPA hank.jasper@bjscpa.com
Brian M. Kelley, CPA bkelley@sikich.com
Richard J. Kollauf, CPA, JD, AEP richard.kollauf@bmo.com
Steven J. Koritzinsky, CPA steve.koritzinsky@us.gt.com
Gerri A. Kroepfl, CPA gerrikroepfl@wi.rr.com
Kenneth A. Larsen Sr., CPA, CGMA klarsen1@new.rr.com
Andrew J. Mathes, CPA andrew.mathes@kerberrose.com
William B. Mayer, CPA bill@ritzholman.com
John P. Mitchell, CPA, M.S. Tax John.p.mitchell@bmo.com
Thomas J. Nichols, CPA, J.D. tjn@mtfn.com
Daryl L. Ohland, CPA dohland@wipfli.com
Daniel G. Rectanus, CPA, JD drectanus@hotmail.com
Karen J. Renner, CPA karen.renner@ccggb.com
William J. Rewolinski, CPA wrewolinski@chortek.com
Zachary R. Rieboldt, CPA, J.D. zach.rieboldt@rsmus.com
James A. San Fillippo, CPA, CMI jsanfillippo@bdo.com
Crystal M. Schmit, CPA, MPA schmit.crystal@millercoors.com
Alyssa R. Schmitz, CPA alyssa.schmitz@bakertilly.com
Richard A. Scott, CPA rich.scott@kerberrose.com
Paul M. Senger, CPA, ABV, CVA paulsenger@wkmr.com
Jon P. Skavlem, CPA, MS, MPPA jon.skavlem@bakertilly.com
Gregory A. Stein, CPA gascpa@sbcglobal.net
Jeannette M. Thorel, CPA jthorel@deloitte.com
Dennis F. Tomorsky, CPA, J.D., CGMA dennis@wicpa.org
Dale G. Van De Loo, CPA, MST menashacpa@hush.com
Douglas R. Wendlandt, CPA dwendlandt@hawkinsashcpas.com
Allan T. Young, CPA atyoung@foslaw.com