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2017 Accounting & Auditing Conference: Contemporary Ethics Practices for the Accounting & Audit Professional - 11/14/2018 -
This session will cover contemporary ethics issues and best practices, from pre-engagement planning through post-issuance issues. It will provide participants with an ethical framework for assessing and implementing good decision-making.
Applying the AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct - 12/31/2018 -
This presentation will discuss the framework of the AICPA Code of Conduct and how to the apply the AICPA’s standards regarding gifts and integrity.
Ethical Leadership - 12/31/2018 -
This presentation will give you examples of ethical vs. unethical leadership and understand the benefits of acting ethically.
Ethical Attitudes & Consequences - 12/31/2018 -
This presentation will help you understand attitudes of others as it relates to ethical issues; understand the danger behind ignoring possible ethical violations; and understand the benefits of acting ethically.

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