Volunteer Opportunities

WICPA offers several volunteer opportunities for its members. Whether it is helping a not-for-profit with their books, promoting the accounting career to students or teaching kids to be financially fit, there is a program for everyone.

Pro Bono Work for Not-For-Profit
Are you a CPA who would like to volunteer with a not-for-profit organization by being on its board of directors or helping with its accounting issues? Services offered commonly include consulting on accounting and auditing matters, providing  income tax assistance and help in preparing for audits. Please contact Tammy Hofstede for more information.

High School Speaker Program
Individuals are needed to promote the accounting career as well as to promote financial literacy. High school accounting teachers love to have experienced professionals of all backgrounds speak to their students about the variety of opportunities available to someone with an accounting degree. Presentation outlines and handouts are provided by the WICPA.

Reality Store
Reality Store is financial literacy event intended to teach students about real world financial situations. Volunteers are needed to man stations where students go through simulations to open checking accounts, buy cars, houses, groceries, insurance etc. 

Reading Makes Cents
CPAs read money-themed books to elementary school kids during the month of April, which is National Financial Literacy month. Discussions are held about the basics of money to enable kids to become financially responsible.

Thanks volunteers!
Thanks to all CPA volunteers who have spoken to students about accounting careers and financial literacy during the school year. Hundreds of CPAs reached students through the WICPA High School Speaker Program, Make A Difference Wisconsin, Reality Stores and Reading Makes Cents. 

WICPA members volunteer at a financial literacy event, called Reality Store, at McFarland High School.