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Senate tax-reform bill contains more changes
The version of the tax-reform bill passed by the Senate Finance Committee holds several more changes affecting individuals and businesses. The Senate bill would codify and make permanent the IRS's Free File program. There would also be changes in...
FASB makes codification improvements by combining Topics 220 and 225
The Financial Accounting Standards Board has combined guidance for income statements and comprehensive income into one topic in its Accounting Standards Codification. The change is designed to simplify the codification for users.
Blockchain: An opportunity for accountants? Or a threat?
The rise of the internet devastated newspaper journalists, and self-driving vehicles might threaten truck drivers' jobs. Will blockchain technology have a similar harmful effect on CPAs, or will it merely become a useful tool for accountants?
House passes tax-reform bill
The House of Representatives has passed its tax-reform bill in a 227-205 vote. The bill would reduce the number of individual tax brackets, lower the corporate income tax rate and make many other significant changes to the Internal Revenue Code.
How to apply emotional intelligence to managing remote workers
Despite headlines about some big employers calling employees back to the office, research from Gallup suggests that the remote workforce is growing. Leading a team that includes remote employees requires emotional intelligence, and that starts...
How to make better use of Excel's IF function
The IF function might be the most important function in Excel for users who create financial models. Here are some valuable ways to use the IF function to solve common problems.
Your new, blockchain-supported job
Blockchain technology is so much more than digital currency. And it has the potential to change the way CPAs work. Find out exactly how your day to day could look totally different.
Wanted: Newly minted, diverse CPAs for national ad campaign
If you are a 25- to 35-year-old CPA, love your job and have an exciting life inside and outside the office, start practicing your most dazzling grin in the mirror. We're looking for members like you to feature in our "Real CPAs" campaign, which...
Accounting and ERP systems: A look inside drillable financial statements
Drillable data is not only easy to navigate, it also provides a stellar audit trail to make any auditor smile.
House passes sweeping tax bill in huge victory for GOP
The House on Thursday passed legislation to overhaul the tax code, moving Republicans one step closer to achieving the top item on their legislative agenda. The measure was approved by a vote of 227-205. No Democrats voted for the bill, while 13...