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How artificial intelligence is changing accounting
New technology has the potential to be transformative even for smaller firms, experts say. Here's how AI can help firms differentiate themselves . (Journal of Accountancy)
Recommendations for charitable contributions made by businesses
Find out the best practices for businesses that want to make charitable contributions, including donations to non-qualified tax exempt organizations, contributions where the donor or donee receives value, and contributions under $250. (The Tax...
IRS proposes shortened Social Security Number for Form W-2
As the IRS increases its efforts to fight identity theft, the agency has proposed regulations that would allow employers to use shortened versions of employees’ Social Security numbers on Form W-2. (Accounting Web)
This simple tax policy change could boost the cash, credit, and well-being of the working poor
Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit is a rare policy for helping the poor that’s supported on both the left and the right–and could be a step toward a universal basic income. (Fast Company)
What to consider when auditing revenue recognition implementation
When implementing the new revenue recognition standard, companies may develop new systems and controls that may increase their risks of material misstatements. A new PCAOB alert can help auditors apply the board’s guidance to their...
SEC begins working with DOL on fiduciary rule
Chairman Jay Clayton says the regulator is drafting a rule proposal to harmonize standards for brokers and advisors. (financial-planning.com)
Entrepreneurs offer advice for first-time managers
Stepping into a leadership role for the first time can be difficult. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council draw on their experiences to offer their tips, including being open to feedback and establishing clear channels of communication with...
15 questions to ask as part of your own leadership audit
Being a leader takes great skill. You need to gain the respect of your peers and also lead in a responsible and effective manner. Some of the greatest leaders also take a moment to assess their skills and activity using a leadership audit. (Forbes)
Money, money, money: CPAs' salaries revealed
Planning your next career move, or want to know how your salary compares with that of fellow CPAs? Check out the AICPA's new Salary Insights tool to see where you fall among CPAs around the country. (AICPA Insights)
How blockchain could change society
Twenty-five leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields discuss how the technology will affect a wide range of activities, including voting and making payments. (Forbes)