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Watch your email for CPA license renewal notification
Effective immediately, the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) will now notify you by email to renew your CPA license. Watch for this email and check your spam filter to make sure you renew your license by Dec. 14,...
How do the sales tax rates in your city compare?
There are roughly 10,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the United States, with widely varying rates. See how your city fares in a Tax Foundation report .
New TQA helps with public business entity determination
A 23-page Technical Question & Answer document issued by the AICPA will help preparers and practitioners determine if their client is a public business entity under the updated U.S. GAAP definition.
SEC approves PCAOB’s new auditor’s reporting model
The SEC unanimously approved the PCAOB's new auditor's reporting standard Monday, supporting the communication of critical audit matters as a way for auditors to provide more information to investors and the public.
Accountants' role in managing AI disruption
The accounting profession is bound to change as applications for artificial intelligence are discovered. Learn how you can prepare for the change and lead your communities' response to the technology.
2018 pension plan contribution amounts are announced
The Internal Revenue Service released the inflation-adjusted amounts that apply to pension and 401(k) plans for 2018. While some limits remained the same as 2017, many were raised to reflect cost-of-living increases.
IRS issues 2018 inflation-adjusted tax tables and many other tax provisions
The Internal Revenue Service issued the annual revenue procedure that updates the almost 60 tax provisions that must be adjusted for inflation each year, including the tax tables and the estate tax exemption.
Close Senate vote eases path for Trump tax cuts
The Senate has voted 51-49 to approve a budget blueprint for fiscal 2018 that opens the door to adoption of tax cuts proposed by President Donald Trump without Democratic votes. The measure needs reconciliation with a version passed by the House...
Tax reform: 4 action steps to take as the legislative clock ticks
There are a steps that chief tax officers and chief finance officers can take now to be better prepared for when the legislation arrives. (FEI)
What are auditors looking for this year?
As the prime audit season approaches, big changes in business, the economy, technology, and regulations point to an assortment of red flags for auditors. (CFO)

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