CPA Exam Review Courses

WICPA members can save hundreds of dollars with discounts on the following review courses:


As a student member of the WICPA, you receive $300 off the regular tuition of Becker’s in-class, online or CD-ROM CPA Review Course. Visit for more information.


Gleim CPA Review

WICPA members receive an exclusive 20% discount on Gleim CPA Review. Using our powerful adaptive software, exceptional content coverage, and unmatched exam emulation, you can feel completely prepared and perfectly at home with the CPA Exam. Gleim has helped accountants pass over 1 million CPA exams, so we have the experience and expertise necessary to perfect CPA review. Your Gleim CPA Review system includes over 100 hours of videos, the largest test bank on the market, and our Access Until You Pass® Guarantee. To learn more about how Gleim will help you prepare to pass the CPA exam, visit


Roger CPA Review

WICPA members qualify for exclusive savings from Roger CPA Review! Save up to $434 with 15% off all courses and products, from full-service course packages, study tools such as flashcards, audio lectures, and more! Simple, no-fee financing options available. To redeem this special, enroll through


Wiley Efficient Learning

With Wiley Efficient Learning, WICPA members receive a 20% discount on all CPA test prep materials! Wiley Efficient Learning combines superior content with a proven online learning methodology. Built around a 30-minute “bite-sized” content framework, all lessons contain text and multimedia elements, as well as mini-diagnostic assessments. Progress and outcomes are constantly tracked and regularly reported back to students for self-assessment, building the confidence and motivation critical for success. To receive this special pricing, visit and use coupon code "WICPA" at checkout.