Salary Information

Take a look at the average salaries for college graduates in public and private accounting. To see what you can earn with CPA certification, add about 10 to 15 percent to the average starting salaries.


 Employer         Jr. Level (0-3 yrs.)       Sr. Level (4-6 yrs.)
 Public Accounting (large firm)           $51,500-$74,250      $71,000-$92,250 
 Public Accounting (medium firm)          $42,250-$66,750        $64,250-$84,500
 Public Accounting (small firm)      $42,500-$60,500   $57,000-$74,000
 Corporate Accounting (large co.)      $41,750-$68,500    $67,000-$86,500
 Corporate Accounting (medium co.)     $40,000-$63,250     $60,250-$79,500
 Corporate Accounting (small co.)    $37,000-$56,750     $52,750-$68,500



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