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You look familiar, have we met? We used to be friends...remember? You used to love dropping coins in me as a kid. Saving was fun then. What happened? I know it's harder now. That big screen TV, the latest cell phone, how did you survive without them? I've seen your photos. Your clothes are stylin’. I appreciate the finer things too, just check out my suit. But there is a fine line between enjoying the good things and falling into debt. There is a smart way to get what you want. SAVE for it! Remember to Feed the Pig. Here's why: My friends at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants asked me to get all of my friends to think about saving. Saving money is the key to your financial future.

FeedthePig.org provides a variety of resources including these small, easy steps for building up savings:


  • Cook a big meal on Sunday and enjoy the leftovers for lunch.
  • Choose credit cards with cash back rewards and no fees.
  • Dust off your library card and watch DVDs for free.
  • See if your health insurance covers your gym dues.
  • Use in-store grocery savings cards.
  • Quit smoking for your budget and your health.

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Financial Literacy in Schools

Katie Horan, CPA, administration and finance manager at the Outagamie Airport, reads a book about financial literacy to second grade students. Benjamin Bankes, spokespig for the national financial literacy campaign, Feed the Pig, joined her for the visit.
Benjamin, just one of the gang!