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Timothy Christen named chairman of Baker Tilly International
Timothy Christen, chairman emeritus of Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP, has been named chairman of the board of directors of Baker Tilly International, one of the largest, member-driven accountancy and advisory networks in the world. Christen...
IRS manages to make e-Services transition after all
The Internal Revenue Service was able to transition most of its e-Services user applications to a new platform over the weekend, although it reiterated its warning Friday of delays in moving to new authentication technology. In an email to tax...
Budgeting for realized gains
Disciplined planning for realizing gains lessens the potential for unanticipated taxes or ugly year-end surprises, as this Tax Insider article explains.
IRS announces delay in relaunching e-Services
The Internal Revenue Service says that it is reviewing its options for an "identity-proofing vendor" after terminating its contract with Equifax and that, as a result, its move to a Secure Access authentication platform for e-Services ,...
What impact will Generation Z have on the workplace?
From recruiting to benefits to processes, the forthcoming wave of gen Z-ers will promise to create some new wrinkles for the workplace.
Combating tax-related identity theft
Millions of Americans have their identities stolen each year with 15.4 million victims in 2016, according to Javelin Strategy & Research. This year's Equifax breach may have exposed ten times that number: 143 million. Learn how you can help...
8 time-saving Excel shortcuts
Excel is one of the most popular pieces of software on the market today, yet so many professionals still don't fully understand its capabilities. Learn how to work more efficiently and navigate the complex features and functions of Excel .
House passes budget resolution clearing way for tax bill
The House has voted 216-212 to pass a budget resolution allowing a fast-track procedure that would let lawmakers approve tax cuts by year-end. The next step will be releasing a draft tax measure on Nov. 1.
Companies lose ground to cyber criminals
In the war between companies and cyber criminals, the bad guys are winning. The financial consequences of hacks have again shot up by 23% this year, equaling the increase seen in 2016, according to new research .
Accounting estimates changing at a record pace
The number of changes in accounting estimates by SEC-registered entities in 2016 was the greatest since 2000, the first year for which Audit Analytics has analyzed all annual and quarterly SEC filings. (CFO)    

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