CPAs in Industry Fall Conference (Milwaukee)

CPAs in Industry Fall Conference (Milwaukee)

CPAs in Industry Fall Conference (Milwaukee)



The CPAs in Industry Conference is designed to address key economic trends, regulatory issues and practical soft skills to position you and your organization for success. The experts will offer the best insights and updates to help cultivate new ideas and practical information to make you more effective and efficient at work. Attend this conference in Milwaukee or Wisconsin Dells.

Session highlights include:

Reconsidering the Wisconsin Economy
John Koskinen,
Chief Economist, Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Current Issues in Business Ethics
Boz Bostrom, CPA, MBT, Associate Professor of Accounting & Finance, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University

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7.5 CPD Credits


Registration is open through 09/20.

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Thursday, September 20

8:00am to 5:00pm (Check-In 7:00am)

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Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

1721 W Canal St
Milwaukee, WI 53233

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Thursday, Sep 20th

7:00AM TO 8:00AM / General Session

8:00AM TO 8:15AM / General Session

8:15AM TO 9:30AM / General Session

John Koskinen, Chief Economist, Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Set aside your preconceived notions about Wisconsin. The Wisconsin economy has made tremendous progress over the past seven years and find out how it’s in the best condition in nearly a generation.

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9:45AM TO 10:45AM / Breakout Sessions

Brad DeLeeuw, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Schenck SC

Conflict is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Discover an effective method for approaching conflict in a way that gets to the root cause and helps build a solution focused on shared needs. Learn tips for objectively working through barriers along with steps for addressing conflict in a way that creates buy-in and neutralizes negative emotions.

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Mike Milsted, Managing Partner, Lawrence, Allen & Kolbe

Whether you’re ready to exit today or preparing for the future, there are decisions and strategies that can help you transition your business to new owners when and how you prefer. Planning for managing through business ownership succession can mean weighing dozens of different -- and sometimes conflicting -- options. In this session, learn how to determine: 1) Is your business ready for new ownership? 2) Are you emotionally ready to step away? and, 3) How will you preserve and enjoy the rewards of your efforts?

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James Brandenburg, Partner, Sikich LLP

Neil Keller, Partner-in-Charge, Tax Services, Sikich LLP

The tax landscape has been significantly changed with the enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017. Explore what this new tax frontier looks like for business and individual taxpayers. Join the dialogue to navigate many of these new tax provisions.

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Douglas Fisher, Associate Professor of Practice and Director, Marquette University

What a wonderful time to be in supply chain management, and to be in Wisconsin. The economy is good and there is a pro-business environment. Supply chain management is now regarded as the most promising driver of profitability and supporter of growth initiatives. Industry 4.0 is driving new disruptive business models. Gain insights into the depth and breadth of Industry 4.0 and a perspective on supply chain management and the role it plays.

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11:00AM TO 12:00PM / Breakout Sessions

Brad DeLeeuw, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Schenck SC

A respectful work environment is essential to a thriving culture and can enhance your recruitment strategies, boost retention rates and reduce stress among employees. Join this session and take a comprehensive look at workplace harassment and critical red flags. Create strategies for successfully conducting an investigation, including practical approaches that will keep you in compliance with the law. Learn recommended best practices for implementing a proactive training program that helps create an environment where employees not only feel respected and safe, but valued.

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Steve Boylan, BEACON Business Group

Find out in detail the eight value drivers every business owner should focus on to increase the market value of their company and how business owners can create a business that allows more free time for their personal life.

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Kevin Bong, Manager of Financial Institutions, Sikich LLP

The availability of powerful, low-cost embedded systems has been a boon to businesses in providing efficiency gains and competitive advantages. But for many, the phrase “The Internet of Things,” or IoT, may seem more like a jumble of buzzwords, providing little insight into the myriad of ways embedded systems are being integrated into business and manufacturing processes today. In this session, you will gain a better understanding of what IoT is and the common ways it is being used. You will also learn emerging trends, security risks and best practices related to IoT deployments.

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Daniel Moshe, Founder & CEO, TechGuru

In this eye-opening session, become knighted with a virtual sword and shield to protect you against unwanted breaches in security. At the end of this presentation, you'll have peace of mind knowing the data you and your clients value most is secure. You'll also be able to show colleagues how to prevent cyber-attacks on their smartphones and tablets with the aid of materials presented.

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1:00PM TO 2:00PM / Breakout Sessions

Micah Thor, President, TechGuru

As IT innovation enables your CPA practice to achieve its highest potential, are you making the most of the opportunities available to you? Learn how to achieve maximum ROI with CPA-specific apps, streamlined workflow and more. Understand the power of technology to improve profitability, boost productivity and attract and retain top talent. Attend to gain a clear understanding of how to leverage technology to fuel the growth of your firm.

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Christopher Tait, Partner, Baker Tilly

The cybersecurity risk landscape continues to be a main concern for company leaders. Discover the key principles that leaders should consider as they seek to enhance oversight of the cyber-risks they face. Discuss real-life examples of what leading organizations are doing to manage their risks in this dynamic area.

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Jeremy Keil, Wealth Advisor, Thrivent Financial

Explore five factors to consider when deciding to apply for benefits, when it makes sense to delay benefits (and when it doesn’t), how to minimize taxes on Social Security benefits and how to coordinate Social Security with your other sources of retirement income. Don’t miss this valuable workshop designed especially for baby boomers.

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Warren Bostrom, Associate Professor of Accounting & Finance

John Gagliardi was a head football coach for 70 years, the last 60 of which were at Saint John’s University in Minnesota. John retired in 2012 with four national championships and the most wins in college football history. His success came as a direct result of a very unorthodox style which focused on empowerment, innovation and doing the right thing, as compared to brute force and intimidation. Presenter Boz Bostrom wrote the book A Legacy Unrivaled about John’s incredible story. Join this session to discuss how to apply John’s unique principles to be successful in the business world.

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2:15PM TO 3:15PM / Breakout Sessions

Daniel Moshe, Founder & CEO, TechGuru

What seasoned employees and new recruits are increasingly craving is the ability to work remotely. Take the reins on new workplace initiatives by learning about best practices that will set employees and management up for success.  Learn about the apps that provide collaboration and peak security, whether your CPA is working from a home office or beachside in Bali. Attend to learn processes you can employ immediately to allow staff to work securely and productively from anywhere.

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Craig Chyla, Relationship Manager, Heartland Payment Systems

Have you ever been curious as to why credit card processing can seem so confusing at times? How you could potentially enhance your profitability and reduce your risk when accepting cards? This session will provide an overview of credit card processing. Gain insight into how you might enhance your profitability, streamline your cash flow and reduce your risk when you are accepting payments in person and online.

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Carver Smith, Partner, Baker Tilly Search & Staffing

Finding and retaining talent in today’s labor market is a challenge for organizations of all types. If you have, or anticipate having, an open position on your team and want to improve your ability to attract and retain candidates, this quick-hitting session is for you! Walk away with advice on how to audit your hiring process and retention efforts and implement quick wins to improve your results.

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Jon Lokhorst, Leadership Coach & Consultant, Lokhorst Consulting LLC

Financial information is one of management’s most useful tools, yet far too few non-accountants are able to read financial reports and use this information to enhance performance. This high-impact, interactive program is loaded with practical ideas and techniques that will enable you to help non-accounting associates, clients and other constituents better understand their organizations and make more informed decisions.

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3:30PM TO 4:30PM / General Session

Warren Bostrom, Associate Professor of Accounting & Finance

Learn the difference between the law and ethics, understand the attitudes of others as it relates to ethics and learn from current real-world ethical violations. Discuss an ethical decision-making framework to use when facing ethical dilemmas, as well as examples and benefits of being an ethical leader.

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4:30PM TO 4:45PM / General Session


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