CPAs in Industry Fall Conference

CPAs in Industry Fall Conference

CPAs in Industry Fall Conference


Attend the CPAs in Industry Fall Conference to hear from prominent leaders and experts about the latest updates, insights and timely issues impacting you, your success, your business and the profession as a whole within the dynamic business and industry environment.

With session topics for CEOs, CFOs, controllers, directors, managers, and accounting and human resources staff, this conference will address the economy, accounting and auditing, ethics, technology, tax laws, financial planning, operations, human resources and better ways to manage a changing workplace. Public practitioners are encouraged to attend with industry clients.

For those who aren't able to attend the conference in person, you can still get the best updates, insights and guidance you need with our new livestream option that includes all of the general sessions and the most popular breakout sessions! The registration page and more details for attending via WICPA CPD Livestream is available here.

7.2 CPD Credits


Registration is open through 09/09. Register by 08/26 for Early Bird Pricing.

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$379 / $349 Early-Bird pricing ends on 08/26/2019.

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$429 / $399 Early-Bird pricing ends on 08/26/2019.

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Monday, September 9

8:00am to 4:30pm (Check-In 7:00am)

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Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

1721 W Canal St
Milwaukee, WI 53233

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Monday, Sep 9th

7:00AM TO 8:00AM / General Session

8:00AM TO 8:15AM / General Session

8:15AM TO 9:15AM / General Session

Todd Voit, Portfolio Manager, Voit & Company, LLC

This session will provide you with both an economic refresher and the current outlook for key economic variables and how they may affect your business, including how corporate profits are the link between the economy and the equity markets, and interest rates are the link between the economy and fixed income markets.

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9:35AM TO 10:35AM / Breakout Sessions

Micah Thor, President, Tech Guru

Stay informed about what lies ahead on the technology landscape. Accounting apps and best practices are constantly changing, and this session will cover ways to increase productivity and security at the office.

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Brad Netzel, Partner, Sikich LLP

What changes have occurred in the accounting and auditing realm? How will these changes impact you? And what are the steps you should take as a result? In this session, we will answer these questions and also address changes in revenue recognition, lease accounting, investment in equity securities and other relevant accounting and auditing matters.

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Jedd Bradley, Owner, Mighty Oak Active Shooter Solutions

It is a proven fact that preparation increases your chances of survival. Being prepared for an active threat situation at a business or in public is essential because the shooter has a plan and so should you. Attend this session so you and your employees have the knowledge and tactics to improve the likelihood of saving your life and potentially the lives of others.

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Donald Lloyd, Senior Vice President and Manager, Capital Markets, Associated Bank

This presentation will discuss causes and issues around the phasing out of LIBOR, the benchmark interest rate that underpins $260 trillion of loans and derivatives, timeline to launch, and steps being taken by the U.S. and other major countries. Attend this session to gain a clear understanding of challenges facing clients ranging from commercial banks to insurance companies; hedge funds to regulatory bodies. This dynamic topic is changing rapidly and a core message needs to be pushed out to everyone within the international financial industry.

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10:55AM TO 11:55AM / Breakout Sessions

Jennifer Zisser, Director, The Greater Give

America has been named the world’s most charitable nation, but our giving rate has been consistent for decades. The Greater Give was created with a mission to compel more giving. By ingraining a culture of giving in the workplace, with a “shared responsibility” model between employers and employees, we can inspire more giving across the country. The key is the Everyday Philanthropist Act, a bipartisan legislation that would create a flexible giving account with tax incentives for employers and employees. This session will demonstrate how empowering more Americans to give back will benefit businesses as well as their communities.

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Micah Thor, President, Tech Guru

Now that you're in the cloud, are you really leveraging your tech to its fullest potential? Understanding how to use the cloud and what it means for your office has never been easier with this session showing you what's possible.

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James Brandenburg, Partner, Sikich LLP

The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) impacted nearly every business’s tax situation in some way. Businesses and their owners are left having to digest a significant level of regulations and other guidance from the IRS that addresses various TCJA provisions. Attend this session to learn about the latest tax reform developments and how they affect tax planning available to businesses and individuals.

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Jeff Cullen, Managing Partner, Strategic Retirement Partners

Greg Gavran, Managing Director, Strategic Retirement Partners

Research and experience, along with new and innovative services and plan design, have taught us that the old stale 401(k) can do so much more than solve the “retirement problem,” namely, having enough money to retire. This session will explore how, with proper planning, a well-thought-out 401(k) can help with a bevy of challenges employers face that affect the bottom line, such as a way to solve the costs associated with employee turnover, college debt and funding, and employee productivity.

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12:55PM TO 1:55PM / Breakout Sessions

Carla Borda, Account Executive, Management Liability, Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting

Cyber events can be devastating to a business regardless of size or industry. However, most businesses struggle to understand, identify and manage a risk that is not visible and is continually changing. This session will discuss how to plan and respond to this risk.

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Lisa Pook, Organization Development Manager, MRA - The Management Association

Smart succession planning and talent management are key factors in growing and strengthening the value of your business. In this session, you’ll discover succession planning best practices, identify key steps for developing and keeping talented employees, and take away the important questions to ask as you prepare your organization for successful leadership in the future.

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Valerie Laufenberg, Partner, BDO USA LLP

This session will cover how businesses can use the rule of 80/20, or the Pareto Principle, to simplify and focus in order to achieve profitable growth. A process for applying the 80/20 rule in business will be presented, followed by the steps that can align an organization to serve the essential 20%. Armed with this information, businesses can better understand who and what drives profits (or lack thereof) and develop appropriate strategies as a result.

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Scott Dettman, Owner, Carlson Dettmann Consulting

When financial resources are limited, organization leaders are required to seek new, creative ways to motivate the workforce and keep employees engaged. This session will share observations and insights about how Wisconsin employers are coping with these challenges today, and will share specific knowledge about using a formal approach in the development of a competitive pay structure, aligning labor costs with economic realities, engaging staff with limited resources, and aligning reward systems with business strategy and performance metrics.

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2:15PM TO 3:15PM / Breakout Sessions

Carver Smith, Partner, Baker Tilly Search & Staffing

How often do you stop and evaluate your career? This is your time to think about your career and the different aspects of career management as you define what success looks like for you!

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Jeremy Keil, Wealth Advisor, Thrivent Financial

Making the most of Social Security is all about timing. When is the best time to apply for benefits, when is the best time to stop working, and how to coordinate Social Security with distributions from 401(k)s and IRAs? This session will cover Social Security and strategies for maximizing your benefits, the ideal time to apply for Social Security, and ways to minimize taxes on Social Security benefits.

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Kirstie Tiernan, Managing Director, BDO USA LLP

Businesses need a cost-effective method to control the widening gap between data management and decision-making. This session will focus on the role of advanced analytics in today’s organizations, starting with defining AI and comparing it to conventional computing, and then exploring how using AI, predicative modelling and robotics to increase efficiency and profitability will impact the overall business process.

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Deborah Biddle, Founder and Chief Consultant, The People Company LLC

Emotional intelligence is essential for high performing and effective individuals and teams. In this workshop, you will learn how to increase their emotional intelligence, become more self-aware and create a personal development plan with specific steps for improving your own emotional intelligence.

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3:30PM TO 4:30PM / General Session

Charles Selcer, Shareholder, Schechter Dokken Kanter CPAs

You might be an ethical practitioner, but if you don’t stay current with what’s going on, you may find yourself being accused of being unethical. Staff augmentation, hosting, NOCLAR, outside CPA firm directors and other new matters are in the mill. This session will keep you current.

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4:30PM TO 4:35PM / General Session


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