2021 Business & Industry Fall Conference: Afternoon Sessions

2021 Business & Industry Fall Conference: Afternoon Sessions

2021 Business & Industry Fall Conference: Afternoon Sessions


Greg Gavran, Managing Director, Strategic Retirement Partners
Boz Bostrom, Associate Professor of Accounting & Finance, College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University
Donald Lloyd, Senior Vice President and Manager, Capital Markets, Associated Bank
James Morgan, Vice President of Business Development & Workforce, MRA - The Management Association


Sessions covered in this On-Demand replay of the Business & Industry Fall Conference:

Remote Work: The Holy Grail or Forbidden Fruit?
Just say the words "remote work" and you’ll get some sort of reaction such as it is a "must have" to attract talent, it will be the death of me, it increases productivity, it decreases productivity, or I have no idea what it has meant to productivity. And, depending on the situation, all of those answers are correct! As an employer, you do have some control of your own destiny.

This session will discuss the key factors employers should be considering when evaluating strategies for finding and retaining talent in the current and future environment of remote work, including the benefits and challenges, dos and don’ts, the vaccine, bringing people back, managing remote workers, security, effect on your talent supply chain, hiring and onboarding, measuring impact and legal ramifications.

The Use of the "F" Word & Your Retirement Plan: What You May Have Missed While Masked-Up & Locked-Down
Legislation passed in 2019 and beyond and best practice initiatives have often been confused or overlooked due to the pandemic, and many plan sponsors have asked for updates and guidance on what has changed. Cybersecurity has really come to the forefront for plan sponsors who are not aware of what steps they can take to safeguard their employees' retirement assets. The focus of this session will be on helping fiduciaries understand the changes that have occurred in legislation amid the confusion created by COVID-19 lockdowns and ensuing business disruptions, as well as things to consider related to plan design and educational topics in our "new normal."

LIBOR Cessation: The Continuation of a Market in Transition
Four years have gone by since the announcement that LIBOR will be eliminated as a viable index impacting a global range of markets over $350 trillion in size. The Alternative Reference Rates Committee strongly suggested financial institutions to cease booking LIBOR-based loans after June 30, 2021, and zero tolerance after Dec. 31, 2021. By attending this session, you will become current on the market’s transition away from LIBOR, the indices available to replace LIBOR, and the ramifications to the borrowers.

Current Issues in Business Ethics
In this engaging session, you will get the latest insights on business ethics issues, with a focus on learning from real-world ethical violations. This session will discuss the attitudes of others related to ethics and help you understand the laws and rules CPAs must follow as well as the consequences of not doing so. This session qualifies for 1.2 credits toward the ethics CPE requirement for CPA license renewal in Wisconsin.

NOTE: Viewing of this On-Demand replay will not be available after April 1, 2022. Certificates of attendance showing the CPE credit earned from this On-Demand program will be sent to your primary email on file approximately 2 weeks after viewing as we receive attendance reports from our streaming service provider. Members will also see this program reflected in their CPE tracker.

4.8 CPE Credits


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