2021 Not-for-Profit Accounting Conference: Morning Sessions

2021 Not-for-Profit Accounting Conference: Morning Sessions

2021 Not-for-Profit Accounting Conference: Morning Sessions


Amanda Blomberg, Firm Director, Baker Tilly
Laura Rash, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly
Corina Schoenke, Partner, Wipfli LLP
Renee Messing, Principal, RitzHolman CPAs
James Morgan, Vice President of Business Development & Workforce, MRA - The Management Association


Sessions covered in this On-Demand replay of the Not-for-Profit Accounting Conference:

Accounting & Auditing Update for Nonprofit Organizations: Remote Auditing Lessons Learned & New Auditor’s Report
Many accounting and financial reporting related changes will be affecting nonprofit organizations in the near future. This presentation will offer insights into these changes, along with the lessons learned from remote auditing and what to expect with the new auditor’s report, as well as provide an understanding of these changes and what your organization needs to do to be prepared.

Single Audit: Understanding New Federal Program Requirements 
This session will provide the latest information available for federal award programs, including those with COVID-19 funding and the impacts of them, as well as the latest on the Uniform Guidance, audit guidance released by the OMB, and other federal agency specifics along with changes on your next audit.

Remote Work: The Holy Grail or Forbidden Fruit?
Just say the words "remote work" and you’ll get some sort of reaction such as it is a "must have" to attract talent, it will be the death of me, it increases productivity, it decreases productivity, or I have no idea what it has meant to productivity. And, depending on the situation, all of those answers are correct! As an employer, you do have some control of your own destiny.

This session will discuss the key factors employers should be considering when evaluating strategies for finding and retaining talent in the current and future environment of remote work, including the benefits and challenges, dos and don’ts, the vaccine, bringing people back, managing remote workers, security, effect on your talent supply chain, hiring and onboarding, measuring impact and legal ramifications. 

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