Workplace of the Future: Adjusting to Business in a Post-COVID World Livestream

Workplace of the Future: Adjusting to Business in a Post-COVID World Livestream

Workplace of the Future: Adjusting to Business in a Post-COVID World Livestream


Curtis Quickel


The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted labor markets globally during 2020. The short-term consequences were sudden and often severe: millions of people were furloughed or lost their jobs, and others rapidly adjusted to working from home as offices closed. Many other workers were deemed essential and continued to work in hospitals and grocery stores, on garbage trucks and in warehouses — but under new protocols to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. Now we need to assess the lasting impact of the pandemic on the labor pool. The pandemic pushed companies and consumers to rapidly adopt new behaviors that are likely to remain. Labor markets before and after the pandemic will look different. Companies today are assessing their needs and seeking ways to provide the desired work environment of the post-pandemic world. The goal of this course is to provide insights into how companies are adjusting as we come out of the pandemic and discuss the future of work.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and develop the optimum workplace protocols when the pandemic recedes. Companies can't expect office life to be as it was pre-pandemic. The new work world will keep employees happy and productive.
  • Enhance understanding of the post-pandemic business and the increased reliance on automation and artificial intelligence.
  • Enhance understanding of the profiles of post-pandemic employees. What part will the workforce play in developing their ideal work environment? Will there be an increase in permanently remote and work-from-anywhere employees? Will companies adopt a hybrid model of permanent employees and contract employees?
  • Identify the changes companies need to make in their use of technology to ensure data integrity, efficient communication and employee engagement.
  • Understand how the post-pandemic workplace can become more engaged and better-informed with a culture of collaboration.

Major Topics:

  • How are companies adjusting as we come out of the pandemic?
  • What do prospective employees of the post-pandemic age look for in their employers?
  • Will the remote workplace and virtual meetings improve the way companies conduct business?
  • What impact will the spike in e-commerce have on the post-COVID economy? 
  • Maintaining and enhancing the customer experience in a post-COVID world.
  • Will we need to develop new protocols when working remotely, on-site or in a hybrid workplace?
2.0 CPE Credits


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