Business & Industry Fall Conference Livestream

Business & Industry Fall Conference Livestream

Business & Industry Fall Conference Livestream


Attend this year's Business & Industry Fall Conference for the latest updates and insights on timely issues impacting business and industry, such as economic updates, the supply chain, CPA ethics and resolving disputes, tax updates, accounting updates, the employee feedback loop, and more. 

CPAs, CFOs, CEOs, controllers, directors, managers, HR professionals and accounting staff will benefit greatly by attending.

For those who aren't able to attend the conference in person, you can still get the best updates, insights and guidance you need with our livestream option that includes all of the general sessions and the most popular breakout sessions!

7.2 CPE Credits


Registration is open through 09/13. Register by 08/30 for Early Bird Pricing.

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$349 / $319 Early-Bird pricing ends on 08/30/2022. / $299 Super Early-Bird pricing ends on 08/15/2022.

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$449 / $419 Early-Bird pricing ends on 08/30/2022. / $399 Super Early-Bird pricing ends on 08/15/2022.

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Tuesday, September 13

8:00am to 4:30pm (Check-In 8:00am)

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Tuesday, Sep 13th

8:00AM TO 8:15AM / General Session

Tammy Hofstede, President & CEO, WICPA

Carver Smith, Partner, Truity Partners

8:15AM TO 9:15AM / General Session

John Koskinen, Chief Economist, Wisconsin Department of Revenue

The presentation will assess Wisconsin's economy, the prospects for the remainder of 2022 and the outlook for 2023. This will include an assessment of the national economic environment. This session will center on an assessment of Wisconsin's strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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9:35AM TO 10:35AM / General Session

Session will be determined from one of the following, based on the number of in-person attendee registrations for this breakout session time frame:

Executive & Equity Compensation: A Guide for CFOs
The focus of this session will be on how to select and design traditional deferred compensation as well as a variety of equity-based programs to incent and retain key players. In light of the increasing use of LLCs as a business structure, this presentation will examine both phantom and true equity in entities taxed as corporations as well as those taxed as partnerships. By the end of the session, you will have a working understanding of these choices so that you can determine which, or which combination, of these programs will be the best use of your compensation dollars and most closely align with your company's culture.

Cybersecurity: Trends & Updates
This session will provide an update on the cybersecurity landscape. Elements of this session will include current cyberattack vectors and actors, key risks organizations face and suggestions for organizations to protect themselves and develop cyber acumen within their organization.  

Annual Tax Update
After several years of significant tax legislation, 2022 has been relatively quiet as Congress focuses on a number of non-tax matters all with an eye on the upcoming midterm elections. Attend this session to learn what tax legislation we expect before 2022 comes to a close, which tax provisions are set to automatically expire and when, what new IRS guidance, pronouncements and rulings may impact your tax liability and reporting, relevant tax cases handed down this year and various tax planning strategies to consider. 

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10:55AM TO 11:55AM / General Session

Matt Miklosy, Executive Vice President & CFO, Wis-Pak, Inc.

Tracy Pearson, CFO, Perlick Corporation

Carver Smith, Partner, Truity Partners

Anthony Staniak, CFO, Quad/Graphics, Inc.

Robert Wrocklage, Senior Vice President - CFO, Badger Meter, Inc.

Attend this panel discussion to hear a variety of topics that include supply chain issues, inflation and more. Additionally, bring your questions and ideas to this panel discussion featuring CFOs from various industries of southeastern Wisconsin and learn how others are tackling the challenges of the day.

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12:55PM TO 1:55PM / General Session

Session will be determined from one of the following, based on the number of in-person attendee registrations for this breakout session time frame:

ESOP as a Succession Planning Option
This session will go through the types of business owners who would likely be drawn to using an ESOP as a succession planning option, as well as the pros and cons of this option.

Keys to Being an Excel-lent Leader 
There are some key Excel techniques that leaders should understand so you know what's possible, or what may be more complicated, when you make a request from your team. You should also be familiar with simple auditing techniques to ensure you're getting good quality data when you're using that to drive decisions. This session will cover some common mistakes, misconceptions and opportunities to leverage Excel as a leader. Specific topics include formula auditing, pivot tables, flash fill, lookup formulas and more. Leaders who want to sound like they know what's really going on in spreadsheets should not miss this session. 

Accounting Update: Focus on Leases
This presentation will provide information on relevant current and upcoming changes in generally accepted accounting principles, with a primary focus on the leasing standard. The session will also focus on key areas that attendees should be addressing as well as real-world practical examples and tips.

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2:15PM TO 3:15PM / General Session

Session will be determined from one of the following, based on the number of in-person attendee registrations for this breakout session time frame:

How to Get the Most Out of Social Security to Help Maximize Your Retirement Income
Have you ever wondered if Social Security will be there for you, or how to get the most out of Social Security? Learn all the details, tips and tricks from National Social Security Advisor Jeremy Keil. Before you file, or advise ?your clients to file, for Social Security, you need to know how Social Security benefits are determined, how to get a better estimate of your benefits than the one Social Security sends to you, how to get your personalized longevity estimate and how that impacts your decision, how Social Security interacts with taxes and how to combine your Social Security with your retirement savings to get the most out of both.

Rethinking the Employee Feedback Loop
These days, being a great place to work requires listening to our employees as often as we listen to our customers. We all need a better way to understand and learn from our employees in real time and at scale. The focus of this session will be to learn how to use a simple technology platform to better understand employee sentiment, management effectiveness and operational efficiencies. Rather than having to wait several months for the annual employee survey, managers receive real-time access to the daily feedback from their teams and use it to take action quickly and address concerns immediately. With science-based data collection and powerful technology, leaders at all levels of the organization will benefit from quick identification of highly relevant trends and opportunities.

Outsourcing Tech Security: Five Critical Factors for Selecting the Right Partner
Security continues to be a concern for companies of all shapes and sizes, especially as cyberattacks are significantly rising, creating catastrophic, financial effects. There are many different security resources to leverage in the market, but how do you find the right partner to protect your organization? This session will provide insight into the key factors to consider when selecting a security partner.

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3:30PM TO 4:30PM / General Session

Mark Schmidt, Shareholder, von Briesen & Roper, s.c.

Steve Szymanski, Shareholder, von Briesen & Roper, s.c.

This session will focus on the ethical duties of CPAs that are implicated when disputes arise between owners of closely held corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs). This presentation identifies real-world scenarios and offers practical suggestions to help CPAs bolster a successful and ethical practice.

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4:30PM TO 4:35PM / General Session

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