Not-for-Profit Accounting Conference Livestream

Not-for-Profit Accounting Conference Livestream

Not-for-Profit Accounting Conference Livestream


Attend this year's Not-for-Profit Accounting Conference to hear from prominent leaders and experts about the latest updates affecting the not-for-profit accounting sector, including accounting and auditing updates, post-pandemic fundraising, cryptocurrency and not-for-profits, hot topics in tax, ethical decision making, the great employee resignation and much more.

Executive officers, controllers, accounting staff, managers and other financial and administrative professionals serving not-for-profit organizations, allied health care, social service agencies, and hospital and nursing home administrations will benefit greatly by attending.

For those who aren't able to attend the conference in person, you can still get the best updates, insights and guidance you need with our livestream option that includes all of the general sessions and the most popular breakout sessions!

8.0 CPE Credits


Registration is open through 09/20. Register by 09/06 for Early Bird Pricing.

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$339 / $309 Early-Bird pricing ends on 09/06/2022. / $289 Super Early-Bird pricing ends on 08/22/2022.

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$439 / $409 Early-Bird pricing ends on 09/06/2022. / $389 Super Early-Bird pricing ends on 08/22/2022.

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Tuesday, September 20

8:00am to 4:35pm (Check-In 8:00am)

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Tuesday, Sep 20th

8:00AM TO 8:10AM / General Session

Renee Messing, Principal, RitzHolman CPAs

8:10AM TO 9:40AM / General Session

Ashley Johnson, Director of Not-for-Profit & Higher Education, Sikich LLP

Renee Messing, Principal, RitzHolman CPAs

This session will provide accounting and auditing updates, emerging issues and an overview of the new lease standard as well as considerations for implementation and examples.

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10:00AM TO 10:50AM / General Session

Session will be determined from one of the following, based on the number of in-person attendee registrations for this breakout session time frame:

The Great Resignation: Recruiting & Retention
We are in a unique time where employees are voluntarily resigning from their positions, recruiting seems impossible and retention is becoming increasingly difficult. During this presentation, we will discuss the factors contributing to the challenging labor market and how companies cannot only recruit great talent, but also retain it. 

Excel: Fast Track Data Cleanup
If you download, cleanup and make meaning of mountains of data, you may find you're spending more time than necessary in that cleanup phase. This session is a quick orientation to the variety of ways to clean up data in Excel with some options for automating that cleanup. We'll cover the old favorites: text to columns, text case formatting, flash fill and others. We'll also introduce you to a not so common feature for automating data cleanup, Power Query. 

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11:00AM TO 11:50AM / General Session

Session will be determined from one of the following, based on the number of in-person attendee registrations for this breakout session time frame:

Program-Specific Audit Versus Single Audit: What is the Best Option for My Organization?
Over the past few years, many not-for-profit organizations have received a significant amount of federal funding for the first time. These organizations will need to decide if a Program-Specific Audit would meet the requirement of the grantor. This session explores the differences between a Program-Specific Audit and a Single Audit which will help not-for-profits to decide which audit to request from their auditors.

Private Foundation & Donor Advised Funds Legislation
An exemption from income taxation is a valuable benefit, but it comes with many strings attached. Some issues are quite complex with seemingly small details or technicalities that can result in costly tax consequences. In this session, we will review private foundation rules, regulations and common pitfalls, and discuss Donor Advised Fund (DAF) pending legislation and the ripple effect it could have on private foundation rules.

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12:35PM TO 1:25PM / General Session

Melodi Bunting, Senior Manager, Wegner CPAs

The not-for-profit sector had to adapt in unexpected ways during the pandemic. Many of the lessons learned can have a positive ongoing impact. We will explore trends during the pandemic and how it affected best practices, including facilitating remote work, managing funding and maintaining internal controls.

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1:35PM TO 2:25PM / General Session

Jeff Cullen, Managing Partner, Strategic Retirement Partners

Due to a lack of knowledge, leadership and regulation, "crypto" has become one of the most misunderstood topics in recent memory. During this session, we will examine what (crypto) is, what it isn't, possible use cases and what to pay attention to moving forward.

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2:35PM TO 3:25PM / General Session

Troy Marine, Firm Director, Baker Tilly

Shelby Netz, Senior Tax Manager, Baker Tilly

The not-for-profit industry has seen a number of tax law and procedural changes in the last few years, some of which may have caught organizations off-guard. During this presentation, we will discuss some of those updates and share examples and situations we have encountered so that you can successfully advise your organization.

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3:35PM TO 4:35PM / General Session

George Heyman, Professor Emeritus of Accounting & Economics, Oakton Community College

In this practical guide to an ethical culture, we will explore underlying principles that can lead to better ethical decisions. This session will also cover the importance of understanding the different ethic requirements of CPAs in private and public practice, including the types of conflicts, threats and safeguards to independence.

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4:35PM TO 4:40PM / General Session

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