Financial Institutions Conference Livestream

Financial Institutions Conference Livestream

Financial Institutions Conference Livestream



Attend this year's Financial Institutions Conference to hear from local and national experts as they address important topics and issues affecting financial institutions, including economic changes, tax and regulatory updates, current business ethics issues, shaping a strategic ALCO meeting, getting ahead of CECL volatility, cybersecurity, data as a strategic corporate asset, and more.


CEOs, CFOs, presidents, vice presidents, controllers, directors, managers and other staff in roles affecting financial institutions will benefit greatly by attending.


For those looking to attend the conference in person, including the choice for breakout sessions, this year's Financial Institutions Conference will be held at the WICPA. The registration page and more details for attending in person is available here.

8.6 CPE Credits


Registration is open through 05/14. Register by 04/26 for Early Bird Pricing.

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$349 / $319 Early-Bird pricing ends on 04/26/2024.

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$449 / $419 Early-Bird pricing ends on 04/26/2024.

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Tuesday, May 14

8:00am to 4:55pm (Check-In 8:00am)

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Tuesday, May 14th

8:00AM TO 8:10AM / General Session

8:10AM TO 9:20AM / General Session

Jordan Jackson, Executive Director, Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

The Federal Reserve is being very cautious as to when it will start to lower short-term interest rates at a time where economic growth continues to outperform, unemployment is low, and the consumer continues to benefit from wage growth. However, the Fed's targeted inflation has not been met, although, it is improving. Also impacting the economy is 2024 being an election year. This session will discuss and review these crucial data points and where the 2024 and 2025 U.S. economy is headed.

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9:30AM TO 10:30AM / General Session

Mark Boettcher, Partner, Baker Tilly

Dave DuVarney, Principal, Baker Tilly

Sean Statz, Director, Baker Tilly

Session will be determined from one of the following, based on the number of in-person registrations for this breakout session timeframe:

Data as an Asset

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the challenge of turning data from an afterthought into a core facet of your banking operations that drives value. Organizations can become paralyzed because they don't know where to begin, but the right data strategy can change the mindset of a bank from using data for incremental growth to using it as a transformational element in a bank's success. Learn how to unlock the value of your bank's data and develop and implement a clear data strategy that allows for flexibility and change. This session will discuss how to position your data as a strategic corporate asset and how to develop a data governance program to manage, monitor and protect your data.

Getting Ahead of CECL Volatility Through Stress-Testing & Model Validation

Current expected credit losses (CECL) models generally represent high risk compared to lending institutions' other models. Not only is the process of running the CECL estimate heavily data focused and involves many departments of the bank, volatility of the estimate over time has been present and oftentimes unexpected. This session will discuss how a comprehensive model validation will help you uncover the model mechanics behind the black box and the major triggers that create volatility. With this knowledge, stress-testing major assumptions can provide management teams with insight into future trends of the CECL estimate based on varying economic and operating environments.

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10:30AM TO 11:45AM / General Session

Doug Jenen, Partner, RSM US LLP

Rachel Muldowney, Senior Manager, RSM US LLP

Brandon Upton, Manager, Tax Services, RSM US LLP

This session will review the most recent tax law changes that impact you and your financial institution. 

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12:20PM TO 1:10PM / General Session

Tom Wojcinski, Principal, Wipfli LLP

Cybersecurity attacks continue to increase in sophistication and impact. Unsurprisingly, financial institutions remain one of the industries most targeted by cybercriminals. This session will discuss attack trends and how attackers are gaining access to financial institution networks. Technology change continues to increase pace as well. As financial institutions continue digital transformation efforts or explore utilizing generative AI tools, the attack surface for the institution often changes. You'll learn about key themes you need to consider and how cybersecurity programs must continue evolving to keep pace with the changes in your business and technology environment. 

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1:20PM TO 2:20PM / General Session

Brittany Basler, Regional Accountant, Chicago, FDIC

Blake Edwards, Financial Institution Examiner, MKE Field Office, FDIC

Sam Gullerud, Senior Risk Examiner, Large Financial Institutions, FDIC

Local FDIC examiners and the FDIC Chicago regional accountant will share current perspectives from the agency on a variety of financial reporting topics and policy developments. You'll hear the latest findings on the allowance for credit losses, including commonly seen CECL models, credit quality observations, determining when a loan should be considered uncollectible, accounting for loan modifications, as well as insights about investment securities, fair value accounting, implications of the Wisconsin state income tax law change, and more!

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2:40PM TO 3:30PM / General Session

Joe Kennerson, Managing Director, Darling Consulting Group

Eric Poulin, Senior Consultant, Darling Consulting Group

Now, more than ever, asset/liability management committees (ALCOs) are tasked with the difficult role of creating strategic perspective. Amid the fastest Fed tightening cycle in modern banking history, a steeply inverted yield curve and margins being squeezed, strategic focus has never been more critical. This session focuses on navigating this period of uncertainty and will highlight key considerations for lending, investments, deposits, wholesale and hedging initiatives to help shape a strategic ALCO meeting.

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3:40PM TO 4:55PM / General Session

Boz Bostrom, Associate Professor of Accounting & Finance, College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University

This session will help you develop an understanding of current ethical challenges and strategies within the accounting profession. There will be a focus on learning from real-world ethical violations, including the attitudes of others related to ethics, as well as the laws, rules and regulations CPAs must follow and the consequences of not doing so. The benefits of ethical leadership will also be discussed.

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4:55PM TO 5:00PM / General Session

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