2024 Business & Industry Spring Conference: Afternoon Sessions

2024 Business & Industry Spring Conference: Afternoon Sessions

2024 Business & Industry Spring Conference: Afternoon Sessions


Manuel Rosado, President, Spectrum Investment Advisors, Inc.
Dave Molenda, Owner, Positive Polarity, LLC
Kathy Enstrom, Director of Investigations, Moore Tax Law Group LLC


Sessions covered in this On-Demand replay of the Business & Industry Spring Conference:

SECURE 2.0: What You Need to Know
This session will review the SECURE 2.0 provisions affecting the retirement plan landscape. With over 90 provisions in the act, we will cover the most impactful provisions that plan sponsors should be focusing on this year, particularly since there is a mix of mandatory and optional provisions. You will leave with information and knowledge on how to leverage the new provisions to help reduce administrative hassle, provide employees with financial support and encourage positive savings behaviors.

The Art of Listening
Think of your last call with a customer, what percentage of the time were you speaking versus listening? Then, dig deeper and consider if you were really listening or simply hearing. In this interactive session, you will learn eight tips to improve your listening skills. Then, test yourself and find out how good your listening skills really are!

Maintaining Independence in Today's Financial Environment
Staying independent within the accounting and financial community is extremely important in today's financial environment. People around you may want to push across a line that could result in you aiding or assisting in potential fraudulent acts. Being too agreeable in a request could result in either losing your license, getting involved in a civil audit or becoming a target of a criminal investigation. This session will discuss cautionary tales where lines were crossed and provide guidance on how to maintain objectivity and independence.

NOTE: This session qualifies for 1.2 credits toward the WICPA membership Ethics CPE requirement. 

NOTE: Certificates of attendance showing the CPE credit earned from this On-Demand program will be sent to your primary email on file approximately 2 weeks after viewing as we receive attendance reports from our streaming service provider. Members will also see this program reflected in their CPE tracker.

3.6 CPE Credits


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