Membership Types

Stand out with the help of the WICPA

There are membership categories available for both CPAs and non-CPAs, including all accounting and business professionals, as well as students and educators. Take a look below to view which category fits you best.

CPA - $310

An individual who has obtained a certificate as a CPA from the Accounting Examining Board of the State of Wisconsin or from a similar legally constituted authority in another state, possession or territory of the United States or the District of Columbia; CPA members are eligible voting members.

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Affiliated Business Professional - $180

An individual who holds a post secondary degree in accounting or business and has not obtained a certificate as a CPA.

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High School Educator - $50

An individual who is a full-time accounting or business high school educator or guidance counselor that has demonstrated an interest in furthering the study of accounting, finance or commerce and has not obtained a certificate as a CPA.

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College Student - $25

An individual who is a student attending college pursuing an associate, undergraduate or graduate degree or coursework to qualify to sit for the CPA exam.

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Retired or Part-time - $60

An individual who is working less than 20 hours per week or less than 1,000 hours per year.

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Unemployed or Leave-of-absence - $55

An individual who is currently unemployed but is actively seeking work or on a leave-of-absence.

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Member Benefits & Questions

For a snapshot of the limitless opportunities and benefits you gain by being a member of the WICPA, visit theĀ Benefits of Membership page. For questions about becoming a WICPA member, please contact Tammy Hofstede at 262-785-0445 ext. 4518.