Membership FAQs

Am I a member immediately after submitting an application?

Completing an online membership application and checking out will upgrade your status to a WICPA member immediately in most cases. Mailed or faxed membership applications can sometimes take up to two business days to process. If you have any questions or are not able to access members-only features and tools, please contact us via email or phone at 262-785-0445.

Do I have to be a CPA to be a WICPA member?

There are membership categories available for both CPAs and non-CPAs, including all accounting and business professionals, as well as students and educators. We encourage you to check out the Membership Categories and Descriptions to learn more.

How much are membership dues?

The WICPA Board of Directors determines the dues amount each membership year (May 1 – April 30), which are billed annually in March for the coming membership year. Membership dues may be prorated if joining after May 31. For more information, please see Membership Categories and Descriptions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks payable to the WICPA or credit cards including, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Do you have auto-pay available for annual dues renewal?

Convenient automatic payment options will be coming soon to make membership renewal seamless and easy.

How can I get involved after joining?

There are a variety of ways for members to be involved in the organization and in your community. You can network with members and other business professionals by attending our professional development and social events, by joining a committee, and by engaging in conversation with fellow members through WICPA Connect, our members-only social community. There are also several volunteer opportunities available to members throughout the year that you can express your interest for in your My WICPA profile.

How do i notify the WICPA if my work status or contact information has changed?

Address and contact information changes can be made online in your My WICPA profile. Employment status changes such as retirement, working part-time and leave of absence can be made by contacting the WICPA Membership Team at 262-785-0445 or via email.

How can I determine if my membership dues have been paid?

You can view your membership dues balance in your WICPA Member Profile.

Are WICPA membership dues and license renewal the same thing?

WICPA membership dues and license renewal are two separate fees and two separate organizations. WICPA membership dues are invoiced yearly by the WICPA. The license renewal is a biannual fee charged by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) and is necessary to keep an active license in Wisconsin. Contact DSPS at 608-266-2112 or click here.

How do I check when my Wisconsin CPA license expires?

You can check the expiration date of your Wisconsin CPA license through the Wisconsin DSPS license search.

How can I resign my membership and does this affect my license status?

You can resign your status as a WICPA member by phone at 262-785-0445; by email; or by written notice to WICPA, W233N2080 Ridgeview Parkway, Suite 201, Waukesha, WI 53188.

Membership with the WICPA does not affect licensing status. A resigned member may reinstate membership with a reinstatement fee of $30, though, in some cases, a new membership application may need to be completed.

Can I keep my membership if I leave my current employer?

Yes. Your WICPA membership follows you through your renewal date. When you begin your new position, please update your My WICPA profile or contact us at 262-785-0445 and we can update your information for you.

Are my WICPA membership dues tax-deductible?

WICPA dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for U.S. federal income tax purposes, but they may be deductible as a business expense. WICPA estimates that 6% of your dues are not deductible due to lobbying activities on behalf of its members.

What are the CPE membership requirements?

All WICPA members, with the exception of students and retired members, are required to complete:

  1. A minimum of 20 CPE credits annually.
  2. 80 total CPE credits, including 3 ethics credits, during each 2-year reporting period.

For more details and what qualifies for CPE credit, please see CPE Requirements & FAQs.

I joined in the middle of the year, do I still need to complete the full membership CPE requirement?

New members do not need to complete the CPE requirements for the join year. However, you must complete a minimum of 40 CPE credits the following year, including the required 3 Ethics credits.

Do the membership CPE requirements apply to students or retirees?

Students do not need to fulfill the CPE membership requirement until moving to Affiliated Business Professional or CPA membership status. Retired members (working less than 1,000 hours per year) are also not required to meet the CPE membership requirement unless an active CPA license is retained.

What happens if I don't meet the membership CPE requirements?

In the event a member does not meet the CPE requirements, membership will be terminated. Requests for an extension or waiver with a reasonable explanation such as a health condition, foreign residency, military service or stay-at-home parent status changes can be submitted and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

How can I contact the WICPA with additional questions?

If you have additional questions, let us know by emailing our Membership Team or by calling Tammy Hofstede at 262-785-0445 ext. 4518.