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Opportunity to influence the pipeline by hosting a high school accounting class

The WICPA Educational Foundation awards Accounting Awareness Grants to high school educators to use for class activities that support accounting as a career.

Too often, the educators do not know where to start and who to contact, so we would like to make it as easy as possible for the educators by providing them with a listing of organizations who have accounting recruitment and/or accounting informational activities in place (or are willing to develop them) to select from.

Some ideas for activities could include:

  • Presenting about what the organization does
  • Touring the organization and/or an interesting client
  • Discussing different accounting career paths that are available
  • Talking about what classes are important to take in high school and college
  • Providing lunch with the organization's accounting staff
  • Having young professional staff talk with the students and answer questions
  • Holding a roundtable discussion with accountants who work with a variety of large and small businesses
  • Creating or using your own accounting-related activity/game (with all students or divide into teams)

By volunteering your organization to be part of this program, you will give students exposure to the profession and have the ability to influence the CPA pipeline for future employment opportunities. This also gives you the opportunity to promote your organization, high school or college internships and/or job shadow opportunities.

If your organization is willing to host a high school accounting class for an activity and would like to be included in the listing we provide Wisconsin high school educators as activity options for using their grant, please let us know by completing the form below.

Please note: If your organization has more than one location willing to host an activity, please complete a separate form for each location because we will be listing them individually for educators. Additionally, at least one CPA must be involved in the activity.