Accounting Career Awareness Grants

Receive up to $2,500 with a WICPA Educational Foundation Accounting Career Awareness Grant


  • Full-day attendance of the Educator Accounting Symposium and employment at a Wisconsin high school.
  • Plan an activity that supports accounting as a career and features innovation in curriculum and instruction.
  • Contact a Wisconsin CPA to be included and to advise and assist in the activity.
  • Receive approval from all parties involved, such as school administrators, CPAs, etc.
  • Acquire quotes to support costs for the requested amount, up to $2,500, for the activity.
  • Submit application by Jan. 5, 2024.

Technology & Equipment

  • The full cost of software and application requests may be approved if it specifically relates to an accounting process.
  • Equipment costs will not be considered unless it specifically relates to an accounting process. Calculators do not qualify for grant funds.


  • Generally, no funding will be awarded for textbook requests. However, if verification is provided that the district does not provide current classroom curriculum textbooks, the WICPA Educational Foundation may consider funding all or a portion of this cost.

Travel, Lodging & Field Trips

  • Written quotes from all vendors and activities are required.
  • Lodging may be funded for one night up to $35 per student and $55 per adult teacher or chaperone. Extracurricular activities involved in overnight stay field trips, such as waterparks, will not be funded.
  • Meals are limited to no more than $15 per student, including tax and tip. A request for more than one day of meals, even if it equates to less than the per student maximum, may be reduced from the amount requested in the application.
  • Field trip requests are required to visit Wisconsin organizations, accounting firms and/or colleges. Requests for a field trip outside of Wisconsin may be considered if a similar organization or activity is not available in Wisconsin and must include details in the application.
  • Tickets to sporting/entertainment events generally will not be funded. Consideration will be given if tickets are required as part of the “accounting learning experience” and are not for high priced marquee events. Funds not granted to cover the full cost of the activity will be the responsibility of the high school/student.
  • Coach busses will not be funded when other transportation is available. Requests for a Coach bus requires an explanation and documentation of the costs differences.
  • The cost of airfare is not funded.
  • If possible, it is preferable that students are exposed to both private and public accounting. For example, if funds requested are to expose students to the entertainment/hospitality/sports industry, consider the inclusion of a public accounting firm.

Continuing Professional Development

  • Grants will not be awarded for a teacher's graduate credits or continuing education programs.

CPA Involvement

  • A CPA must be listed on the application when applying for grant activities and provide a presentation to the students.
  • It is required that teachers work with Wisconsin CPAs.
  • If needed, contact the WICPA for assistance to get in touch with a CPA.


  • Board games may be funded up to the total value of $25. Requests for board games require explanation in the application as to the relatability to the accounting profession. 
  • Funding will not be provided for the cost of t-shirts, supplies, posters or meals for volunteers.
  • It is encouraged for teachers to choose different and unique activities each year.
  • If the total cost of an activity exceeds the $2,500 limit, the source of the additional funds needed to make the project a success must be provided. For example, the remaining funds will be provided by student fees, a car wash, school funding, another donor, etc.
  • Grants may be reduced or not be awarded if the educator has access to additional funding sources.
  • Awarded grants must be used for the approved activities by Oct. 31 of the award year. A post-activity report summary, receipts from the activity and unused funds must be returned to the WICPA Educational Foundation.

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