what are CPAC & LIF contributions used for?

Contributions to the WICPA Political Action Committee (CPAC) are used to help get elected political candidates who understand and support our positions. Informed decisions are made by the WICPA and Public Policy Committee about which candidates to support by closely monitoring the political climate, candidatesā€™ platforms and their track records.

Contributions to the Legislative Involvement Fund (LIF), a conduit, are used with a LIF contributor's consent to help get elected political candidates who understand and support our positions. If you contribute to LIF, you will be contacted for permission to use your funds for a particular candidate, or you may designate your funds to a specific state candidate on the contribution form.

Will I be recognized for my contribution?

Yes, legislative contributors are recognized on the CPAC & LIF Contributors webpage, in Frequency (our member e-newsletter), in our On Balance publication, and on posters displayed at our conferences and in our professional development center.

Are there contribution levels?

Yes, based on the contribution amount, recognition is given as follows:

  • Inner Circle (contributions of $1,000+)
  • Cabinet (contributions of $750 - $999)
  • Leadership (contributions of $500 - $749)
  • Pacesetter (contributions of $250 - $499)
  • All other contributors will be recognized as a general contributor.

How do I contribute?

Complete the CPAC & LIF Contribution Form today to become an advocate and strengthen the voice of accounting in Wisconsin.

Who can I contact for more information

For more information about CPAC & LIF, answers to any additional questions you may have or to learn about our current advocacy efforts and victories, please contact WICPA President & CEO Tammy Hofstede at 262-785-0445 ext. 4518.