One in four workers may be planning to job-hop

May 2, 2021

According to Prudential Financial’s Pulse of the American Worker survey, one in four workers are planning to look for opportunities with a new employer once the threat of the pandemic has subsided.

In 2019, workers were quitting their jobs at record rates in order to secure the pay raises and promotions they weren’t getting from within. Then came COVID-19, and in the first few weeks of the pandemic, the labor market shed 20.5 million jobs. Now, a year later, there are still nearly 7.9 million fewer Americans counted as employed than in February 2020, while the labor force is down 3.9 million.

But with signs pointing toward recovery in many economic sectors, those who are still employed are feeling the itch to job-hop yet again. Here’s a look at who’s planning to leave, and what employers should be thinking about as they retain — or recruit — in a post-pandemic environment.

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