Sponsorship FAQs

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about sponsoring WICPA special events and conferences. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact Sue Daniels for assistance.

Why should I sponsor a WICPA special event or conference?

There are many reasons to sponsor WICPA events! We value our relationships with sponsors and let them know how important they are to us and to our members. We have a number of vendors that sponsor year after year — we don't even have to ask. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • We are the premier CPA society in Wisconsin and have more than 7,000 members.
  • Our 110+ year track record of highly regarded events reflects our dedication and success.
  • Many well-known and respected decision makers attend our events.
  • You'll get significant value through our event promotions that utilize a variety of marketing avenues.
  • You're not treated as just a transaction.

How do you help me succeed?

Our comprehensive marketing campaigns are designed to attract accounting and financial executives and professionals to our events. Included in these campaigns are promotions of you as a sponsor and your presence at the event in both print and digital formats.

Additionally, the incorporation of on-site collateral and the opportunity to address the audience further encourages attendees to learn more about your offerings. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the best value by promoting your presence before, during and after an event.

How do I register to be a sponsor?

For conference sponsorships, please complete and submit a Conference Sponsorship Application. For special event sponsorships, please contact Sue Daniels.

Is there an advantage to submitting a sponsorship application early?

Submitting a sponsorship application early has many advantages! There are several events with exclusive sponsorship levels and benefits as well as all events have a maximum amount of sponsorship spots.

By submitting a sponsorship application early, you have a much better chance to secure a spot at your desired sponsorship level and be included in all promotional materials. Plus, don't forget that the earlier you submit a sponsorship application, the further ahead you can plan for each event.

When do I need to have my sponsorship application submitted?

To be included in all of an event's promotional materials included with your sponsorship level, you must complete and submit your application, payment and company logo no later than 150 days prior to each event you are sponsoring. However, sponsorship spots and benefits are limited in quantity, so the earlier you submit your application, the better chance you have of securing a spot.

How can I gain the most visibility at an event?

The best way to get the most visibility at a conference is to be a Gold Sponsor, For special events, you'll get great visiability by being an Event Sponsor or choosing one of the exclusive sponsorship options. Some of the greatest values of sponsorship are exclusively available to these opportunities.

For special events:

  • Exclusively sponsored items
  • The opportunity for a representative to address attendees
  • Receiving the finalized attendee mailing list
  • Logo on more event items and signage than other levels
  • Increased number of complimentary event attendees

For conferences:

  • A full-page ad in the electronic and print conference materials
  • Premier exhibit space placement in high-traffic areas
  • The opportunity for a representative to address attendees
  • Increased number of exhibit representatives and complimentary event attendees

Where can I stay overnight before, during or after an event?

All of our events take place at either hotels, convention centers with a hotel attached, or a facility within close proximity to one or more hotels. If you are interested in staying before, during or after an event, please make reservations by calling the hotel directly.