2023 Tax Conference: Friday Afternoon Sessions

2023 Tax Conference: Friday Afternoon Sessions

2023 Tax Conference: Friday Afternoon Sessions


Robert Keebler, Partner, Keebler & Associates LLP
Martin Tierney, Partner, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Ruthann Driscoll, Partner, Driscoll Law LLC


Sessions covered in this On-Demand replay of the Tax Conference:

How to Recognize & Correct Code 409A Failures
This session will include a discussion of basic and advanced Code Sec. 409A issues, including corrections for 409A failure both inside and outside of the IRS's 409A correction programs.

Why Should You Care About Social Security Benefits?
When is the right time to take Social Security? What's the difference between taking it early or waiting? To make an informed choice, it is essential the rules are understood. This session will review the rules and highlight the strategies that are still available so you can navigate through the maze of Social Security rules and act with confidence in making one of the most important decisions for retirement.

Preparing for Sunset
Sunset of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TJCA) signifies a significant turning point. Planning for it several years in advance is critical. The rewards for thinking ahead are enormous, as are the consequences of failing to. Moreover, as with many tax provisions, sunset is likely to spur Congress to act. By examining the challenges and economic impact of sunset we can better understand what tax reforms might occur in 2025.

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